Aglow International Canada has been going through seasons of transition and change. We are coming out of old paradigms or mindsets based on the old behaviour and performance and arising with new mindsets based on our identity from heaven. Aglow is in a tiread more

Have you ever wondered when Jesus walked on earth as a man why He had the ability to move in such realm of power that nothing was impossible to Him? Jesus lived in the kingdom of men but belonged to the kingdom of God and only did what He saw the Father dread more

Dear Aglow Family Since August, life has been so busy with traveling, doctors appointments, scan test, dental work, moving to Alberta and adjusting to a new life. However I continue to find myself being strengthened with joy and living my life with Tony. read more

A new year, a new story, how will your story unfold this year? Each of us can make an individual authentic contribution to life that no one can repeat or compete with. So go ahead, let God rewrite your own story; choose the outcome, change the atmosphere read more

We just celebrated Christ`s resurrection. His resurrection signals the initiation of a new age—one marked by life, in contrast to “this present evil age” (Gal 1:4) patent by darkness, sin and death. We live in a world where constant darkness surrounread more

In the last few years I have been awaken to the original thought of God. Our Father, the creator of this universe saw a value and a beauty in mankind beyond anything in this natural world. We have a beginning that cannot be measured in time and now is theread more

Graham Cooke said: “What if there are no problems, what if there are only possibilities?”  Someone may feel totally weak or powerless in the face of challenges and contradictions. However the Lord is the everlasting God and our crisis does noread more

  Living in the reality of God “For You are my lamp, O Lord; 
And the Lord illumines my darkness.” (2 Samuel 22:29) Personally, I am learning a whole new dimension for life that is adjusting my heart to the heart of God in profound ways. No matread more

It is time for Global Partnership We are coming into Alignment! When our International Board of Directors met last year, they discussed ways that the global ministry of Aglow could come into alignment in greater ways, and were led specifically to the arearead more

Dear Prayer Warriors Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake.  When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified.  “It’s a ghost, ” they said, and cried out in fear.  But Jesus immread more