Aglow has an authoritative command to stand in loving support for Israel and the Jewish people, while helping to bring awareness to the Body of Christ concerning God’s plans and purposes for the people He calls the apple of His eye.

GOD IS CALLING FOR THE NATIONS TO ALIGN properly in relation to each other according to the Bible. CANADA HAS A UNIQUE ANOINTING for “the healing of the nations.” As Canadians, we bring this anointing to Aglow International and to Israel and the nations.


The Jewish people are in the world’s spotlight because of their role in history. The re-establishment of Israel and the return to God’s promises is in preparation for Jesus’ return. Scripturally speaking, the Jews are the “First Nation”. Due to warfare against them and the Church, we have lost the understanding that we are a family and that we all have a responsibility to love, pray for, and encourage them (Rom 11:11-32).

WE NEED THEM, for only they can cry out, “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!” to bring Jesus back to Jerusalem (Mt 23:39; Mk 11:9; Lk 13:35, 19:38).

THEY NEED US, for we have authority to pray they will recognize Jesus. We owe them so much – for Jesus, the Scriptures, the covenants, and more (Mt 16:16-19, Rom 9:3-5).


  • for an upgrade in understanding Israel’s identity and destiny, for biblical alignment of the nations, and for Aglow to be a powerful influence within nations to achieve the mandate

  • to restore the Church’s proper relationship to Israel, for deliverance from anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology, and for healing of the relationship between Israel and the International Church

  • for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on both the Church and Israel to reveal Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel who came to save all nations

  • for blessing and increase in the Messianic Body in Israel and the nations

  • for all believers to visit Israel and to stand with Israel in loving support