Aglow has a distinct mandate from God to join Him in setting free the people under the cloak of Islam. Through a prophetic word in 1991, the Lord cried out to Aglow, “Lay hold of that thread (of the garment of Islam) in My power and My might and we shall disrobe (by unraveling) the garment of Islam.” Pray that every person in Aglow will hear the cry of His heart and lay hold of that thread in His power. Pray each person will discern the specific role God has for him or her, whether praying fervently, becoming trained to reach out to Muslim people, taking a public role in speaking out – whatever the Lord has in mind.

There are about 1.7 billion Muslims in the house of Islam. They are very diverse in their personal lifestyles, cultures, languages, knowledge of their faith, level of devotion, and theological interpretations – just like Christians! But one thing characterizes all Muslims – they are blinded from seeing Jesus for who He is, God’s Son who died as a sacrifice so they could experience eternal life as a gift from God the Father. Pray for the veil of Islam to be removed so they can see Jesus as He is and receive His loving invitation to belong to God’s eternal family. Pray for the stronghold of lies about the true nature of God to collapse. Pray for the prison doors to be opened and the captives set free. (Lk 4:18-19, Jn 3:16-17)

Many Christians are afflicted by fear, apathy and even hatred in relation to Muslims. Many Christians confuse our Western culture with a true expression of faith. Pray fervently for the Church to hear Jesus’ recurring command to not be afraid, to choose adventure with the King over comfort, to become Kingdom minded people who boldly go and make disciples among Muslims, and to change the game in our nation by speaking the truth in love. (Mt 10:28, Mk 5:36, Lk 12:4-5, Ac 4:29, Mt 28:19-20)