Danyele-PicDanyele Bloom Holtner is a French Canadian woman with a contagious passion for the Lord and is often described as transparent and a “tell-it-like-it-is” kind of woman. To look at her, one would never guess the terrain of her journey. She’s a woman of remarkable perseverance and tenacity. A women of faith who has emerged from darkness to light and credits the miraculous intervention of Jesus in her life with helping her beat years of chronic depression, drug addiction and the trauma of abuse .

Danyele is a seasoned warrior who confronts everything that tries to hold her in captivity, simply because she is after God’s heart. God has assigned to her an ability to see beyond the storms of life and to have access to a different reality than the natural fact. The revelation of who God is, has secured in Danyele a confidence and trust in His nature that has become a weapon of warfare in her life, causing her to stand firm in the face of the many battles life presents.

Danyele’s personal relationship with God the Father, and to testify of Him, is the passion of her life. Her heart’s cry is to bring her nation into its purpose and destiny. Danyele’s leadership and mentoring skills, developed over thirty three years in ministry, enable others to be released into their destinies and provides stability to those she serves. She has a gift to minister to wounded and discouraged hearts and to turn them into warriors for the Kingdom. Danyele has a call to mentor emerging leaders and she is committed to helping others move forward to fulfill the purpose and plan of God.

Danyele resides with her new husband Tony in Sherwood Park Alberta, and has six sons and a quiver full of grandchildren.