2018 marks the 50th year Jubilee of Aglow International Canada, in the year following Aglow International’s 50th year Jubilee in 2017.  Canada was the second nation to be affiliated with Aglow International, with the first group meeting in Victoria, B.C.

Canada’s Jubilee year will be a time of celebrating the Goodness of God for the amazing journey that He has taken us on over the past 50 years.  The nation will celebrate with three Jubilee events.  An “On Target” equipping  event will be held in Victoria, B.C. in February and one in St. John’s Nfld.  in July, leading up to the “Dominion Jubilee” national conference in Regina in October.

Aglow International is building a spiritual house, a Global House of Prayer for all nations, in order to see God’s blessing on the people of the earth and their destinies fulfilled.  With over one million intercessors worldwide, this network is an imposing force of prayer to fulfill God’s purposes in the earth.  Aglow International Canada is one of the family of more than 170 nations world-wide.  With prayer as a primary focus of the ministry, Aglow is raising up an army of praying women and men.