(James 5:16)

Muslims will observe Ramadan, their annual month of prayer and daytime fasting, from March 22 – April 21, 2023. Since Islam uses a lunar calendar, Ramadan occurs 11 days earlier than it did the previous year. This year, Ramadan overlaps with Passover.

There is no better time to pray for God to reveal His love for Muslim people!

The blood of lambs on the doorposts of the Israelites in Egypt caused the angel of death to pass over and not destroy them. How much more does the blood of Jesus cause those who believe to gain eternal life!

You can pray for God’s true act of mercy – the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus the Lamb of God – to be revealed to Muslims as they weary themselves during Ramadan with works that will never achieve God’s mercy. Here are some excellent prayer resources for you:

  1. Prayercast has a series of compelling 3-4-minute videos narrated by former Muslims who have become followers of Jesus. Sign up to receive daily Prayercast videos at Praying with these videos is like taking a prayer journey without leaving home. They will help you hear God’s heart for the Islamic world.
  2. Loving Muslims Together (LMT) is a Canadian network of ministries to Muslims. LMT has developed a Ramadan prayer calendar specifically for Canada. You can click here to receive it daily in your inbox or download a pdf. It is available in English, Korean, Chinese and simplified Chinese.

Global Christians have been praying for Muslims during Ramadan for over 30 years. Those accumulated prayers are bearing fruit in unprecedented ways.

Your prayers for Muslims during this time are amplified!

Every blessing as you move mountains through prayer,

Leslie Precht
M2M Coordinator
Aglow International Canada