Picking up the Mantle

I was in a clothing store waiting for my daughter while she was trying on a coat. I was drawn to a garment on a mannequin. Wow! It was a beautiful bright red poncho! I looked to see if there was some on the racks but there was none available. I already have a red poncho but not like this one. I wished I would of had more time to try it on. Later my thoughts continued to go to the red poncho which led me to think about the story of a mantle that was past on from Elijah to Elisha.  2 Kings 2 1-15 I love this story. We know that Elisha received a double portion. Elisha did something profound before he picked up Elijah’s cloak, he took his old garment off and tore it in two. He then picked up Elijah’s cloak and stood on the bank of the Jordan then he took the mantle of Elijah and struck the water with it. The water divided as it had for Elijah earlier. The company of prophets witnessed the exchange of the passing of a prophetic mantle. Why did Elisha tear up his old garment before receiving the new mantle? I feel God is saying he wants us to tear up our old ways and mind sets that bring restrictions in our lives. Getting rid of old way and mind sets is preparation for the new mantling. 

I was led to watch a video clip of the 2017 Aglow International Conference. Barbara Yoder released a word over Jane and Aglow. The word was a prophetic mantle of Kingly intercession. 

I believe we are picking up our sceptre!! And boldly go where no man has gone before. God is taking us into New Frontiers with new mantles and new authority. 

Shell Rogers
National Prayer Coordinator
Aglow International Canada