Game Changer Book – an effective personal development program crafted to change your game and the game of those around you!

This book has five distinct messages first taught by Graham Cooke the summer of 2013 to a hand-selected pilot group of the Aglow family. GameChangers is designed to generate momentum within each individual that exposes and eradicates negativity, re-frames ways of thinking, and creates a new language that flows from the Fruit of the Spirit. This material is designed to be processed in one of two ways – individually or in a small group setting. Either way you choose, we know you will be pleased with the results as you begin to experience seeing, thinking, and speaking from a new exciting point of view – Heaven’s! Following each message is a set of questions designed specifically to help you engage with the truths you’ve experienced. There are no wrong answers! Come back in six months and look at your answers and you will be pleased to know that your experiences are not stagnate, but ever living and growing while conforming you into the image of Christ. You will have encounters with truth that will cause you to process further. That processing will lead you to new encounters. Love the learning!