Run the Race Lap 1

A few months ago while the national team was seeking the Lord regarding our next gathering online, Darlene saw a runner running with a baton. She had a sense that it was not an ordinary race but a relay race. A relay race is a teamwork effort. God has personally chosen each one of us to be part of His team. A good team player appreciates the privilege of being chosen. He doesn’t take it for granted, but does his best to fulfill the expectations associated with the honor. Now that we are part of God’s team, we also have a responsibility to function in it. Regardless of our background, nationality or race, we are now part of God’s big family of believers and in some ways it is like a team called out for a single mission.
He Made It all Possible
It took all the years of the old era to get us into a new era and I believe we are being introduced to the era of the Kingdom for the purpose of seeing the kingdom of the world become the Kingdom of our God. The race is set before us and the world is in desperate need of men and women to pick up the baton and lead by example; to see the miracle working power of God working through you and me which will eventually reveal His sons and daughters. Our Father in heaven has made running the race possible. Perhaps we don’t know what the race will be like, what obstacles we are likely to encounter.  According to Hebrews 12:1-2 we are required to run the race with endurance and we don’t have to run in our own strength but look unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith.  It is the success of what He endured on the cross and accomplished through His death and resurrection that provides us with strength and all we need to run the race that God has set before us.

I honor your heart after the Lord, am praying for you right now and decreeing life, life, life in Jesus’s name. I speak blessing and anointing on all that God calls you to.  I decree breakthrough on your destiny and I declare blessings upon blessings as you run the race to see His will fulfilled for your life.
 Run The Race Recordings and Declarations
I trust each segment of Run The Race below and declarations will encourage you in your race of faith as each speaker presents different perspectives on the Relay Race.
RECORDING 1 –  9am to 10:45am – Wanda, Darlene, Kathy, Remi, Maureen, and Dale
RECORDING 2 – 11:30am – 12:30 – Everyone shared from the Breakout rooms (sorry the beginning was cut off)
RECORDING 3– 1pm-2:30pm – Leslie, Lorraine, Shelley, Gayle, and Danyele


Much love

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There’s such darkness in society today but I happen to believe just as Esther said, “Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?(Esther 4:14) The face of Christianity is ready to have a facelift, and I say so be it.

When we move into God’s glory, that glory contains light that illuminates. The true identity of the church is being revealed and this revelation is so impacting that it will transform the way you think about church and your perspective of the way God thinks about you.

See the attached video and audio recordings of the teachings Remi Ogunrinde and Darlene Smith presented on our last Run The Race lap 2 event. This new revelation regarding the Ekklesia will cause you to rise up into the purpose of God for your life.

Remi Ogunrinde – Your Voice Can Change the Earth
Darlene Smith – he Ekklesia Giant Slayers


View Run the Race Lap 3 April 10, 2021 HERE

Why Social Justice is not Biblical Justice – Sue Martin Click HERE

Transformation and Engagement – Maureen Smith Click HERE

Session 1-  Remi Ogunrinde – Your Voice Can Change the earth. 53 minutes long. 
Session 2 – Darlene Smith – The Ekklesia Giant Slayers. 46 minutes long. Start at 01:00


Lorraine Bastien – Rethinking the Prodigal Son
Sue Martin – Justice Redefined Part 2