Life Changer Book – $25

Plug in to the five transformational messages – Freedom in Christ, New Man Theology, Understanding True Grace, Building a Spiritual Mindset, and Walking in Newness of Life. First taught by Graham Cooke in Dallas, TX in March of 2014 for Aglow International, these truths are designed to awaken Kingdom principles contained in your new man! See yourself from Heaven’s perspective. Learn how to reframe old ways of thinking and turn former problems into possibilities! Listen as your conversations reflect the encouragement and life God intends for us and those around us. Each message comes with its unique set of assignments. The assisgnments are designed to bring encounters with truth. As you consider your answers, the questions  will assist you to explore the richness hidden in the new life that we have in Christ. Love the learning! Take time with each message and explore the richness. Marinate in those phrases that leap off the page. Highlight and underline. Read and re-read. Watch the DVDs or listen to the CDs in short segments over and over. You will be amazed at the changes occurring in your life.