Mandate 1: To promote gender reconciliation between male and female in the Body of Christ as God designed.

Aglow’s calling is to restoration of women, and it is important to understand that calling in the context of the bigger picture of God’s purposes. This restoration of women is related to the reconciliation of men and women to facilitate God’s original plan for them together.

In 1981, God began to speak the unfolding revelation concerning the restoration of women and the significance of their role in His plan. This led to the publication of Jane Hansen Hoyt’s book “Fashioned for Intimacy”, which communicates God’s purpose from the beginning (Gen 1:26-28) to have a family, a people who would share his life, nature, spirit, vision, and purpose, and through whom He would express His life, power and glory in the earth.

In this age when the enemy employs his strategy against men and women, God’s plan stands firm and immovable. Through humanistic thinking expressed daily in secular media, the enemy has attempted to de-masculinize men, taking away the strength of their manhood and the greatness of who God called them to be in their homes, their families, and the in the earth.

At t he same time, we  have seen the rise of radical feminism that exalts women in a way that appears to be strength, but in fact, is without power, without authority, and without anointing. The enemy has worked to pervert the maleness and femaleness that God designed from the beginning because he knows this relationship is the strength of the Church.

The awakening among women to the significance of their calling in God, and the ultimate reconciliation between men and women, is about more than personal fulfillment in the lives of men and women. It is about the reconciliation of the male and female genders so that the body of Christ, the Church, can fulfill the destiny God intended from the beginning.

Women restored will help bring restoration to the foundation of the House of the Lord (the Church) – male and female reconciliation – not only in our personal lives, but corporately. Only then can God’s purpose to express His image in the earth and take dominion over His enemy take place – male and female together. Remember,

He showed us in Gen 1:26-28 what dominion would look like: male and female together!

The restoration of this foundational relationship is necessary before the Church can be fully restored and fulfill its destiny to express God’s image and take dominion in the earth.