Welcome to 21st Century GameChangers – an effective personal development program crafted to change your game and the game of those around you!

With this book in hand, along with the CDs or DVDs, you are beginning an electrifying journey that explores five distinct messages first taught by Graham Cooke the summer of 2013 to a hand-selected pilot group of the Aglow family. GameChangers is designed to generate momentum within each individual that exposes and eradicates negativity, reframes ways of thinking, and creates a new language that flows from the Fruit of the Spirit.

This material is designed to be processed in one of two ways – individually or in a small group setting. Either way you choose, we know you will be pleased with the results as you begin to experience seeing, thinking, and speaking from a new exciting point of view – Heaven’s!

We encourage you to take time with each message and explore the richness of the truth within. Marinate. Meditate. Ask God to open your eyes to discover who you are in Christ and who Christ is in you. Expect to be blessed. Expect to be changed. Expect to see new truths in familiar passages of scripture. Expect others to want what you have!  This material is most effective when it is processed by doing the questions and sharing what God has showed you. We strongly encourage you to join an Aglow group to process the material. 

Following each message is a set of questions designed specifically to help you engage with the truths you’ve experienced. There are no wrong answers! Think of your response as a mile marker that simply shows where you were on a particular day on your journey of exploration. Come back in six months and look at your answers and you will be pleased to know that your experiences are not stagnate, but ever living and growing while conforming you into the image of Christ.

You will have encounters with truth that will cause you to process further. That processing will lead you to new encounters. Love the learning! Celebrate along the way as you discover the fullness of who God wants to be for you in every situation you face. Enjoy His Majesty. Bask in His Love.

Enjoy your journey!


Game Changer Life Style Training is exactly that, a Life Style, not  just a study that you go through then go on to the next study. 2 Corinthians 5:17  became a deeper revelation to me. ” Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things have passed away, all things have become new. Now all things are of God.”  Game Changers is designed to elevate you up several levels in your experience with God. It gave me the tools to expose and get rid of negativity, intimidation, inferiority and mediocrity that we are bombarded with from the world; to live present/future not past/present. It reframes my thinking, changed my language and perception of how God sees me and how I see others.

I am developing into God’s image and likeness, setting all else aside. My transformation in Jesus  is causing me to move into places God designed for me. The Lord showed me how to take my position and stand because of who He is in me as I teach and present the gospel through Game Changers Training and abroad. Learning that I can change the atmosphere around me by allocating the fruit of the Spirit as in Galations 5:22 is a Game Changer in my faith walk. God’s Word, understanding how God sees me in Heaven, has taken entrance into my life and God’s character, which is the fruit of the Spirit is taking over my character and lifestyle.

As I realize that I am invested with legal authority over the enemy; permission to overcome every obstacle and I have elevated status in Christ, I am overwhelmed by His grace and mercy. I occupy a new place of anointing in the Holy Spirit and I do experience the supremacy and majesty of Jesus Christ. I am loved and honoured by my Father and receive genuine favour directly from God. I am who God says I am, I can do what God says I can do. I am a Game Changer practicing this lifestyle that has not only impacted me, but my marriage, my children and grandchildren and all in the area of my influence. By causing me to think again and asking the Lord how do you see them in Heaven or Holy Spirit who do you want to be for me in this situation?

The training is easy as you walk through it in small groups and learn to sit in your secret place and allow Holy Spirit to  speak to you in each assignment.  My Game Changers manual, identity statement, my prophetic words and inheritance scriptures have been part of my daily lifestyle since 2013 when I leaned about Game Changers in Montreal at an Aglow conference.

Game Changers LIFESTYLE Training brings unity in your family, Aglow and your church and impacts your community one person at a time.

Jean Donauer

If you would like to order Game Changer material or find an Aglow group in your area please email info@aglowcanada.com. Shipping is added to all orders. Also available in French.