Global Partnership

By becoming a Global Partner, you are taking a giant step to acknowledge your commitment to the vision and mandates that God has given Aglow.  Your annual fee goes into the general treasury which supports the Apostolic vision center of the ministry where we are working to prepare a people who are a visual aid of who God is in the earth.

In becoming a Global Partner with Aglow International Canada you are agreeing with the Vision, Mission and Core Value statements of Aglow International and choose to be aligned with the movement. It indicates commitment to the ministry and is a basic requirement for all Aglow leaders. Global Partnership is renewed on a yearly basis.

The Canadian National office will forward 10% or $5 of your partnership fee to the International Headquarters in Edmonds, WA and the remaining $45 will go into the general operating funds for Aglow International Canada.

Yes! I wish to be a Global Partner with Aglow International.

I will pay my yearly partnership fee of $50 now online.


Kingdom Builders Form

An Aglow Kingdom Builder is someone who agrees with the Vision, Mission and Core Value statement of Aglow International, who is aligned with the movement, and also chooses to invest financially on a regular basis. They recognize that Aglow is being used by the King to advance His Kingdom and they want to invest to see this happen.